The Department of Administrative, Financial and Information Law


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Information about department

The Department of Administrative, Financial and Information Law is the main educational and scientific unit of the Kyrgyz State Law University, which provide educational, methodological, scientific and educational work. It was established on the basis of the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law, formed in 2003 as a result of its division they were formed into two independent departments: The department of administrative and financial Law and the department of Constitutional and municipal Law according to the decision of the Academic Council of the KSLA from May 29, 2007. In 2020 by the decision of the Academic Council of the KSLA the Department of administrative and financial law was renamed into the department of administrative, financial and information law to comply with the scientific code 12.00.14 - Administrative Law, Financial Law, Information Law.


Teaching staff


The activity of the department

The main goals and tasks of  the department are:

- to train highly qualified lawyers who are able to solve problems of any complexity in administrative, managerial, financial, informational and law fields in the current market economy,

- to prepare specialists with professional competence and high moral qualities, being able to work in various business sectors, government and non-government organizations. 

A special attention during their education is paid to the formation of the skills to conduct scientific and analytical research in the legal field, as well as the development of practical skills, competent provision of qualified legal advice and etc.

Tasks of the department:

  • Improvement and application of modern effective teaching methods in order to develop the creativity of the students ’personality and their ability;          
  • Development of professional competencies of students;             
  • Implementation of scientific and theoretical training of students;             
  • Improvement of educational and methodological activities of the teaching staff;             
  • Conducting scientific researches on the specialty of the department;             
  • Training of scientific and pedagogical personnel and improvement of their qualifications;             
  •  Working out  of the educational and methodological  aids for the assigned disciplines;
  • Implementation of  the expertize  of bills  in the field of administrative, financial and information law;             
  • Support and implementation of legal projects.

The Department of Administrative, Financial and Information Law exercises preparation of students in the following courses:

  • Administrative procedural law;             
  • Financial law;             
  • Legal framework for the organization of public administration         
  • Information law;
  • Budgetary law;             
  • Public service;             
  • Tax law;             
  • Information security;             
  • Financial Law of China;             
  • Customs law;             
  • Customs disputes and their consideration;             
  • Customs law of foreign countries;             
  • China Customs Law;             
  • Legal liability for violation of the tax legislation;             
  • Organization  of the control to fight against Customs offenses;             
  • Tax disputes and their consideration


Information about teaching staff

Omukeeva Nurmira Abdymalikovna - higher legal education (KSNU), a specialty - law; qualification - lawyer, candidate of law sciences, acting assistant professor;

Kochkarova Eristina Azret-Alievna - higher legal education (KSNU), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer, PhD in law (doctor of law sciences), professor;

Zhantaeva Gulmira Guldzhigitovna - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law; qualification - lawyer, candidate of law sciences, acting assistant professor; 

Ibraev Azat Avtandilovich - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer, faculty - management and law ("Taxes and Taxation");

Isaeva Mairam Asanbekovna - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer;

Isaeva Zhazgul Bolotbekovna - higher legal education (KSNU), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer; 

Kubatbek uulu Narynbek - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer;   

Zhumakanova Zhanyl-Myrza - Kanybekovna - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer;  

Umetbaeva Eliza Mukhtarbekovna - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer; 

Shygaev Arsen Asanovich – Master in Law (KSLA), specialization: Civil law, family law, private international law, qualification - lawyer;

Taalaibekova Erkinay Taalaibekovna   - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer;

Suleiman Shakdar - higher legal education (KRSU), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer;

Bakambaev Azis Ishenbekovich - higher legal education (KSLA), specialty - law, qualification - lawyer.



Letter of thanks from the Committee on Budget and Finance of the Parliament of the KR for training of the qualified personnel, contribute to the development of the financial law, monitoring of the bills and promoting of regulatory normative  acts of the Kyrgyz Republic in cooperation to conduct expertise giving conclusions.