The department of Information technology and natural sciences


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Bishkek, st. Gorky 18

Head of department Seiteeva Meerim Datkaevna
Year of establish



Information about department

The department is in a whole university structure; it trains students of all institutes in the cycle of natural science and general mathematical disciplines. In addition, the department provides teaching of the following academic disciplines:  information law, information technology in legal activities, information systems and technologies, applied informatics (in law) and information security of automated systems. Laboratory classes, students have their lessons  in computer classes using a specially developed methodology with elements of innovation.


Teaching staff


The activity of the department

In accordance with the program of the department, the scientists and lecturers of the department carry out research work on the introduction of fundamental knowledge at the applied level and the use of information technologies in the scientific and educational process.


Information about teaching staff

In 2020 September, The stuff of the department was formed, which includes 37 lecturers, among which 9 full time and 28 part time lecturers.

The scientific potential of the department are: 6- candidate of physics mathematical sciences,1- candidate of  technical sciences, 1- candidate of  pedagogical sciences, 17- senior lecturers and 12- lecturers



  • The title  " the Best Department for 2015-2016 academic  year"; was awarded;
  • Awarded with the honorary medal of the Rector of the KSLA for the preparation of the scientific expert conclusions on bills;
  • The lecturers of the department were recognized as "The best lecturers of KSLA" in 2017.