The Department of Business and Labour Law


Bishkek, Chui Ave, 180a

Head of department Zhakybakunov Erkinbek Tursunbekovich
Year of establish

The Department of Business and Labor Law was founded on November 4, 2003, as the graduating department of the profile "Business and Law"


Information about department

Currently, entrepreneurs are the central figures and main actors in the ongoing economic reforms. Knowledge of the legal foundations of entrepreneurship is needed for all students and undergraduates of higher and secondary specialized educational institutions of the republic. After graduation, a graduate becomes involved in entrepreneurial activity: either he carries out it directly himself, or comes into contact with it in the performance of his official duties. The life of all citizens of Kyrgyzstan, as well as foreign persons, and, first of all, those of them who are engaged in entrepreneurship on the territory of Kyrgyzstan, is inextricably linked with the legal foundations of entrepreneurship. Knowledge of the legislation on entrepreneurship helps us to better protect our consumer rights, and in case of violation - to more confidently protect them.

These and other important circumstances determined the creation of the department.


Teaching staff



The activity of the department


The content of the department's work meets the modern requirements for the training of lawyers, which are in demand in various areas of business.

The teachers of the department provide teaching of such disciplines as business law, labor law, social security law, non-commercial law, banking law, currency law, insurance law, commercial law, investment law, contract law, etc.


Information about teaching staff

Currently, the department employs 15 teachers, among them 3 doctors and 2 candidates of legal sciences. Doctors of Law: Kerezbekov K.K., Samudinov U.M. and Ismailbekov M.S., also candidates of legal sciences: Azhybek uulu N. and Zhakybakunov E.T.

Most of the teachers successfully combine scientific and teaching activities with practical ones. Teachers: Baktybekova A.B., Bukashev M.A., Dzhumabaev D.A., Dzhumanaliev T.Zh., Zhoroeva A.K., Kaibalieva M. and senior teacher Satybekova G.Sh. part-time work as lawyers of various organizations. Successfully engaged in advocacy Imankulov E.A.

Under the supervision of the professor of the department Kerezbekov K.K. several dozen graduate and doctoral students successfully defended their candidate and doctoral dissertations.

The department also carries out expert work on giving opinions to draft laws in the field of entrepreneurship and labor.



In honor of the 15th anniversary of the founding of the KSLA, the Department of Business and Labor Law was awarded a letter of thanks from the profile committee of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic