Institut of Justice and Advocacy

Director of the Institute Dzhumaliev Daniiar Sardarbekovich
Deputy Director  
Leading specialist Keneshova Aidai Kylychbekovna

The main building of Kyrgyz State Juridical Academy is located at the address: Bishkek city, bld. 180a, Chui Ave., office 105.


Information about the institute

In December 29, 2003 the Faculty of Bar and Justice has been established for training of qualified specialists in the field of the Bar and Justice.

By the order of the Rector on October 1, 2019, the Faculty of the Bar and Justice has been transformed into the Institute of the Bar and Justice. At the Institute of the Bar and Justice students are educated according to the program of enhanced education of special subjects required in the activities of the Bar, Notaryship and Justice.

The Institute of the Bar and Justice is distinguished by the presence of highly qualified teaching staff. The Institute creates comfortable conditions for students, keeps up with the times and uses the latest teaching methods.

The Institute of the Bar and Justice is the best institution of the Kyrgyz State Juridical University and pays attention not only to the mental abilities of students, but also to creative aspects and sports.

The Institute of the Bar and Justice is an opportunity to discover new and develop existing talents. Our students are actively involved in the life of the University.

Students of the Institute become the owners of the presidential scholarship "Umut": Dzhumabekov Talant in 2014, Shadmanali k. Aigerim in 2016, Dzhumabekova Malika in 2017, Askarova Zhibek in 2018, Matnazarov Marlen in 2019. The Institute has educated more than 1000 specialists in the field of the Bar, Justice and Information law. At the moment, 469 students and 85 undergraduates are studying at the Institute.

The main task and purpose of the Institute is to provide methodological support for the educational process, the organization of research work with the aim of in-depth training of specialists for work in the field of civil law. Today the Institute has all necessary conditions for training in the areas of Bachelor's Degree, legal profession, Notaryship and Justice. The Institute is aimed at implementation of targeted training of students on specialized educational programs, meeting the needs of other branches of jurisprudence in highly qualified personnel, combining professional competence with high moral qualities, capable to solve complex problems related to the protection of individual rights and freedoms, the interests of society and the state.

Highly experienced and qualified teaching staff, modern computer and multimedia equipment, methodological rooms with all the necessary materials - all of these aspects are rendered for making the study process as interesting and comfortable as possible.

The study process of specialists at the Institute of the Bar and Justice is carried out in two directions:

1) Direction "Jurisprudence"

Profiles: "The Bar"; "Justice"; "Information law"

The profile "The Bar" is aimed to prepare specialists in the field of the Bar. The uniqueness of this profile is that students receive the necessary and sufficient training for the professional performance of functions in legal and procedural relations: representation in court and other agencies, legal support of business entities, legal expertise, preparation of legal opinions, etc.

The "Justice" profile prepares personnel specializing in the field of justice, law enforcement and law application activity.

The “Information law” profile is aimed at training lawyers in the field of information law. The actual continuity of this profile is stipulated by the active application of information technology. The training of qualified personnel specializing in the regulation of legal relations in the field of origin, consumption and transmission of information is a priority today.

2) Direction "Law enforcement activity" on the profile "Administrative activities".

The sphere of activity of the graduates of this direction is to ensure the legitimacy, public order, the safety of the individual, society and the state; protection of life and health of citizens, protection of public order; ensuring the execution of punishment; prevention, suppression, detection, disclosure and investigation of offenses; protection of private, state, municipal and other forms of property; organization and implementation of the search for persons; rendering assistance to individuals and legal entities in the protection of their rights and legal interests; collection, analysis and assessment of information relevant to the implementation of legal norms in the field of law enforcement activity.

Study period: 4 years

Master's program in the direction “Jurisprudence”:

Profiles: "Information law and information security"; "The Bar and Notaryship"

Study period: 2 years

One of the important activities of the Institute of the Bar and Justice is the establishment of strong connections with practitioners, leading lawyers and judges for testing educational and scientific materials in internship, integrating the educational process with the work of public and private advocates, notaries and the Ministry of Justice itself. In order to improve the quality of teaching academic disciplines, the Faculty of the Bar and Justice invites famous lawyers, judges and other practitioners to conduct classes, organizes scientific and practical conferences for students with their participation on the most pressing problems of legal regulation of various social relations.

Symbols and attributes

Shield is a symbol of protection of honor and loyalty. The shield is associated with such concepts as dignity and virtues, such as courage and honesty, purity of thoughts, the ability to see the essence.

The Feather is a symbol of truth, trust, lightness, high spirituality, courage, love of freedom, creativity and will. It means the truth that must rise.

The Hawk is a symbol of victory. It symbolizes militancy, strength and the rising sun.

The Scales is a majestic symbol of world harmony, balance, impartiality, justice, truth and judicature. The Scales means striving for stability, harmony, awareness of the highest law of the universe, objectivity of judgments.

The Book is a storehouse of wisdom, a storehouse of knowledge, a beacon of teaching and enlightenment. The symbolism of the book is quite obvious, clear and understandable. The Book is a symbol of knowledge, wisdom, teaching, enlightenment, science and literary activity.

Achievements, awards

The Institute became the Champion of the Olympics in 2013, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2019.


Best graduates:


Tokoeva Aisuluu Tursunbekovna is a Chief Specialist of the International Cooperation Department of the Ministry of Justice;

Nasyrova Kishimzhan Keneshbekovia is a Specialist of the Department of Notaryship and Apostille of the Ministry of Justice;

Tanyrykov Erlan Topchubayevich is an Investigator of the Alamedinskiy District of the Chui Region;

Tashtanbekov Akylbek Omurbekovich is an Investigator of the Oktiabrskiy District of Bishkek city;

Irlan uulu Almanbet is an attorney.