Institut of Business and Law

Director of the Institute Kydyraliev Almazbek Toymatovich
Deputy Director Jamangulov Azamat Begenchevich
Leading specialist Arsylanbek kyzy Zharkynay

Bishkek, 180A Chui Ave., KSLA main building, 1st floor, office No. 111


Information about the institute

The Institute of Business Law is the successor to the Faculty of Law and Entrepreneurship of the KSLA. The Faculty of Law and Entrepreneurship was established in 2003 as an educational, scientific and administrative unit of the KSLA and on October 1, 2019 it was renamed the Institute of Business Law.

The form of study at the institute is full-time with a standard training period of 4 years (bachelor). The organization of the educational process is based on classical legal education and includes fundamental and special training within the framework of the competence-based approach, which is based on the State educational standard of professional higher education in the field of "Jurisprudence". The students of the Institute receive both a fundamental legal education and in-depth knowledge required for a practicing lawyer. The Institute aims to give the student not only a theoretical set of knowledge, but also to equip him with basic practical skills that allow him to confidently start work after graduation. Graduates of the Institute of Business Law can carry out professional activities in the following areas:

  • business lawyers accompanying entrepreneurial activities;
  • corporate lawyer, employee of a law firm;
  • judges of local courts specializing in civil and economic matters;
  • lawyers specializing in providing legal assistance in civil and economic cases;
  • lawyers in public and private organizations specializing in customs and tax matters.

The Institute has trained more than 1,500 highly qualified specialists.

The total number of students of the institute - Bachelor's and Master's degrees - 564;


PROFILE "CIVIL LAW" - civil lawyers possessing knowledge in the field of paperwork for all types of transactions, representation in court, advocacy and notarial activities.

Graduates can work:

  • in courts;
  • in legal departments of ministries and administrative departments;
  • in the legal profession;
  • in notarial activities;
  • in the banking system;
  • in the state registration service;
  • in commercial and non-commercial organizations.

PROFILE "BUSINESS AND LAW" prepares highly qualified lawyers in the field of business and entrepreneurship.

Graduates can work:

  • in business;
  • in the field of insurance and consulting activities;
  • in financial corporations and stock exchanges;
  • in international organizations.

PROFILE "TAX AND CUSTOMS LAW" prepares lawyers for tax, customs, fiscal authorities and commercial organizations that require highly qualified specialists with in-depth knowledge of tax and customs legislation.

Graduates can work:

  • in the financial police and financial agencies;
  • in the state tax service;
  • in the state customs service;
  • customs brokers and tax agents.


  • Administrative law, financial law, tax and customs law;
  • Business law, civil law, land law;

Symbols and attributes


The circle is a symbol of infinity, ideal absolute and perfection. The circle is an endless line, enclosing time and space. In our logo, it turns into an upward arrow, symbolizing movement and growth towards success.

An owl is a symbol of wisdom and knowledge. The owl was depicted on the reverse of a Greek coin. The Greek warriors believed that if they saw a night owl, then a positive outcome of the battle could be expected. Owls were considered sacred birds. As a symbol of knowledge, the image of a nocturnal bird was chosen as the emblem for the Athens Academy of Sciences. At the same time, the wing of an owl in our logo simultaneously depicts the mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

The color of the logo also carries a certain meaning. The meaning of orange is self-knowledge. Orange is popular in the East, it is the color of the sun, fire, the color of spiritual enlightenment. It is associated with joy, life energy. It can be called a touch of fertility.

The tunduk is a symbol of the father's house, in a broader sense, and of the world as a universe. Tunduk personifies not only the strength of the house, way of life, age-old traditions of the people, but also a deeper philosophical unity of earth and sky.

The tunduk symbolizes the unity of the peoples living in our country.

Achievements, awards

Diploma of the II degree in the interfaculty intellectual game for knowledge of Labor legislation - 2018;

II degree diploma in the interfaculty brain-ring in international law-2019;

Diploma III in the tournament on land law among 4th year students-2019;

Students of Insitit Business Law became laureates in the nomination "Merry Couple-2018, Original Couple-2019" of the inter-faculty competition "Ideal Couple";

Diploma of the III degree in the competition of amateur performances among 1st year students of KSLA-2018;

Diploma of III degree in the competition of amateur performances among 1st year students of KSLA-2019;

Diploma of the II degree in the competition of amateur performances among 1st year students of the KSLA-2018;

Atay Isabekov, 2nd year student of the UPS Master's program, took:

  • 3rd place in the Asian Championship in Greco-Roman wrestling -2019;
  • 1st place in the Championship of Kyrgyzstan - 2019;
  • 1st place in the tournament "Cup of Kyrgyzstan-2018".

4th year students of Insitita Business Law Abdyldaev Zhanbolot and Osmonaliev Dastan holders of the President's scholarship in 2019;

Student 4th institute of  Business Law Asylbekov Adilet, holder of the President's scholarship -2018;

4th year student of Business Law Nurgazieva Mirana owner of Presidential Scholarships 2020;

4th year student Sultankulova Meerim - owner of the International Scholarship name after  Conrad Adenauer 2021;


Best graduates:


Bukashev Mirlan Abylbekovich - Head of the Sector of the Department of the Committee on Constitutional Legislation, State Structure, Judicial-Legal Issues and Regulations of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic;

Medelyev Tilek Medelevich - Director of the Public Fund "Renaissance-Legal", head of the legal department of the construction company LLC "Avangard-Building";

Ibrahim Khel Mssko Wakil - Case Manager, Youth Affairs and Federal Government-funded Nonprofit Organization MOSAIC;

Syrgak uulu Salamat - Head of the Gas Station Network Control Department, Kyrgyz Industrial Company Oil and Gas LLC;

Nadraliev Azamat Avaskanovich - Head of the Development Monitoring Sector of the Department of Strategic Development Policy, Economics and Finance of the Office of the President of the Kyrgyz Republic;

Kubatbek uulu Narynbek - consultant of the Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic.