IT-Academy KSLA

Director of the Institute

Urusova Indira Ruslanovna


Deputy Director

Botalieva Kanykey Mirbekovna;

Arstanbaev Nursultan Kadyralievich.

Leading specialist

Abdikalil kyzy Maria



Kyrgyz Republic, Bishkek, Gorkiy st. 18, 2nd floor, office  # 212


Information about the institute

On December 12, 2017, the IT-Academy of the KSLA was established  - the first academy in the Kyrgyz Republic offering higher and secondary vocational education based on the continuous training of specialists in the field of information technology.

The mission of the IT Academy: training of highly qualified specialists capable of providing directions for the strategic development of the Kyrgyz Republic - for the modernization of the economy and the development of modern information technologies in all spheres of economic (business) activity.

The IT Academy today prepares the best: programmers, information security and information technology specialists who will be able to provide services  on automating management and accounting of enterprises using the best IT solutions.

The IT Academy has an excellent material and technical base - computer classes equipped with modern PCs and projectors, classrooms, a gym, a stadium, a football field, a comfortable dining area.

An important emphasis in the entire educational process at the IT Academy is the legal focus. Graduates will be able not only to protect their rights in the Internet environment, but also to regulate relations related to the development, ownership, and sale of information technologies. The task of the IT Academy is to form abhorrence among students to crimes and offenses in the field of information technology, to educate in the spirit of strict observance of the law and respect for state symbols.

Directions and specialties:

The IT Academy offers training in higher professional education programs (bachelor's degree) in the field of information technology in the following areas:

  • 710200  Information systems and technologies (in the legal field);
  • 710500 Internet technologiesand management;
  • 710300  Applied Computer  Science (in the legal field);
  • 590100  Information security (in the legal field).

It also trains specialists for secondary vocational education programs (1 year 10 months after grade 11, 2 years 10 months after grade 9):

  • 230701  Applied Computer  Science (in jurisprudence);
  • 100203  Information security of automated systems (in jurisprudence.


At the moment, 941 students are studying at the IT Academy, of which:

  • Bachelor - 276 students;
  • College based on  11th grade  - 67 students;
  • College based on 9th grade. - 598 students.


In order to create the most favorable conditions for interaction in the field of education and research activities, the IT-Academy cooperates in the training, retraining skill development  in the field of information technology.Students of the IT Academy undergo practical  training and intership in the leading IT companies and government agencies of the Kyrgyz Republic:

  • Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • State Committee for Information Technologies and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • State Enterprise "Center for Electronic Interaction Tunduk";
  • "Janikitep" institution under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • BishkekHead of Architecture municipality of Bishkek;
  • Mega-Line Company;
  • AVN Company;
  • TLN Company;
  • Business-Soft Company;
  • Limited Liability Company ( LLC)"United System of Instant Payments";
  • Printing house "Maxprint".

Symbols and attributes

Description of the logo.

On the logo of the IT Academy, the word " IT " is framed by a shield, which symbolizes security in the field of information technology.

The blue color of the shield is the color of knowledge, which is also associated with innovation, rational thinking and invincibility. Gray color means stability and rigor.

The straight lines used in the logo symbolize a man-made product, artificially created by man, which serves as an impetus for the development of technology.

Description of the mascot.

The mascot of the IT Academy symbolizes an artificial intelligence consisting of printed circuit board tracks, since one of the main tasks of the last decade in the field of information technology is to teach computers to "think". Artificial intelligence allows computers to learn from their own experience, adapt to the set parameters and perform tasks that were previously only humanly possible. In turn, the development of artificial intelligence depends on human intellectual abilities.

Achievements, awards

Achievements of students:

Children from all regions of our country study at the IT Academy of the KSLA and show excellent results by taking part in events in the field of IT:

  • BishkekLegalHackaton;
  • CreativeSpark;
  • EnactusNationalcompetition 2019;
  • SanaripTone;
  • HackathonOpenData.

As a 1st year student, Ibraev Aybek developed a website for the Institute of Water Problems and Hydropower.

Students of the IT Academy Almazbekova Begimay, Atantaeva Aytolgon, Ibrayev Aybek, Marat uulu Kyyazbek, Muradilov Rysbek, Murtazaev Asan, Tursunakunov Alibek take part as mentors in the program "Mentoring for IT Competences" for the teaching staff of the Kyrgyz State Legal Center  "Workshop of Law".  The goal of the mentoring program is to facilitate the transfer of knowledge, provide teachers with opportunities to expand their horizons, develop the necessary professional skills and competencies in IT.  The tasks of student mentors include helping the mentors (teachers) in identifying areas for development, searching for information to achieve their goals, encouraging the development of skills that will be useful in solving tasks in the area of ​​interest, assistance and support in developing IT competencies, consulting on  emerging issues.

Students of the IT Academy are distinguished by their perseverance and striving for perfection of erudition.  They more and more show themselves not only in the student amateur performance of the university, but also realize themselves in public organizations of the city or even the Republic.

Our winners:

  • Syrgak uulu Syrttan got the 1st place in Toguz-Korgool;
  • Ermek Mirbekov became the winner in the international jiu-jitsu tournament, where he took 1st place in Almaty;
  • Mursalieva Perizat became the winner of the annual taikwondo tournament, where she took the 1st place;
  • According to the results of online voting, students of the IT Academy Tursunakunov Alibek and KondubaevaAytunuk took the 1st place and received the nomination "The most beautiful couple";
  • In 2018,ShamshievNursultan took the 1st place at the international football tournament in the city Almaty, and took the 1st place in football in the city Shymkent. In 2018, in the Bishkek, Nursultan took the 1st place in the winter championship, and in 2019, he took the 1st place in football in the Kyrgyz Republic;
  • IbraimovAlisher took the 1st place in the city boxing competition among youths;
  • In Almaty Ulanbek uulu Abdulhakim took the 1st place in combat sambo;
  • RustamovEldar took the 1st place at the international competition in robotics Infomatrix-Asia, which was held in Kazakhstan;
  • AzamatovaKayyrgul took the  1st place in the All-Russian competition "KIT-computers, informatics, technologies".