Law College

Director of the Institute Turusbekov Sabyr Sultanovich
Deputy Director

Duishenalieva Aisuluu Medetbekovna;

Tumarov Harsan Ismarovich

Leading specialists

Zikiralieva Kaiyrkul Spartakovna;

Zhuspkazieva Begaiym Kaarmanovna


180-а Chui avenue, Bishkek


Information about the Law College

Law College of Kyrgyz State Law University (KSLA) is a structural unit of the KSLA was established by the decision of the Academic Council on February 17, 2004.

The Law College today is a basis of student vocational education. This is a spirit, understanding, motivation, goal of getting higher education at the Kyrgyz State Law University, since the Law College has been a link of continuous education in the education system of KG.

The purpose of organizing a high-quality educational process of the KSLA Law College is to acquire strong theoretical knowledge and practical skills, general and professional competencies.

The graduates of the Law College may further their education to obtain Bachelor’s Degree in Law at one of the specialized institutes of KSLA.

Graduates of KSLA can work in private companies, international organizations, public associations, foundations, law enforcement agencies.

The College today is dedicated to the care of every student, respecting their rights and interests. The education and upbringing of the college is constantly improved according to the requirements of life, society, educational and professional standards. The college has a strong, talented, qualified pedagogical stuff who helps its students to become professionals.

Studying at the college is not only lectures, seminars, credits and exams, it is also a busy social life. During the years of study at the college students attend a wide range of events: meeting evenings, student amateur activities, sport and science competitions. It is possible to implement your own projects with a team of like-minded people in the student council and scientific student society, volunteer movement, science clubs «Polyglot», "Themis", "Erudite". College students actively participate in the scientific, cultural and sports life of the Academy. Our students are multiple winners of the KSLA Championship in various sports, participate in the KVN team, competitions, debates, conferences. The Law College is a two-time winner of the Grand Prix of the Student Amateur Competition of the KSLA. The years of college are bright, colorful, happy, rich, unforgettable.

At the moment college has over 1,100 students. By choosing our law college, you are making the right first step to the future profession.

 We welcome new students  with great pleasure!


Symbols and attributes

The logo of the Law College consist of several elements. Each of them has logical meaning:

The shield is a symbol of honor, dignity and virtue.

The scales are a majestic symbol of world harmony, balance, justice, truth and justice.

The branches of laurels symbolize the younger generation rising up to knowledge.

The red color symbolizes energy, courage, dynamism, strength, fortitude and determination. It is the color of joy and life for many people. Red in combination with white represents purity and harmony.

The mascot is a harbinger of goodness, happiness, youth, father’s heritage.

The Law College prepares secondary vocational education on the basic level on the specialty "Jurisprudence" with the assignment the "Lawyer” qualification to the graduate and the specialty "Economics and Accounting" with the assignment "Accountant" qualification.