The Institut of International Law and international relations

Director of the Institute Naimanbayev Azamat Bagdatovich
Deputy Director Askarbekov Dur Erkinbekovich
Leading specialist Zhakypdzhanova Shakhnoza Zakirzhanovna

Bishkek, It-Academy building, Gorky Street 18, k. 402;;


Information about the institute

International Law and International Relations Institute is the youngest in the Kyrgyz State Law University. The Faculty was established in 2009 according to the KSLU Rector’s decree . On October 01, 2019, the Faculty transformed into the Institute of International Law and International Relations. It was founded with the aim of training highly-qualified lawyers-specialists, the intellectual, political, and business elite of our state, possessing a broad outlook and deep professional competencies. Our department is one of the largest institutions of the University, with more than 600 students. The Institute is famous for its traditions, cooperation with foreign universities, and creativity. Over the years, the Institute has developed the main directions of its activities, focused, on the one hand, on the subject of comparative law. And to conduct fundamental research in the field of international public and private international law as well as specialized language training, as the Institute focuses on French, Chinese, Arabic, English, and other languages that play role in the current labor market. Currently, the Institute trains personnel in the following areas with the assignment of an academic Bachelor’s  degree based on full secondary education and an Academic Master’s degree based on full-higher education in the following areas:

Bachelor's Degree:

Jurisprudence 530500:

  • Public law;
  • Islamic law;
  • Chinese law;
  • European law.

International relations 530800:

  • Diplomatic and consular service;
  • Global migration processes.

Master's Degree program:

Jurisprudence 530500:

  • International law, European law;
  • Islamic law.

The level of preparation of students determines by the professionalism of their teachers. The Institute has always had highly qualified teaching staff. Outstanding scientists and practitioners, professors worked here: Samatov Orozbay Zhusupbaevich, Ph.D. of Juridical Science, Koombaev Abdish Abazovich, Advisor to the Chairman of the State Service for the Execution of Punishments under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, Colonel of the Police, Ph.D. of Juridical Science and others.

Symbols and attributes


Globe is a model of the Earth, symbolizing the priority of knowledge. The globe has no corners or extremities; it is a sphere that is ideal. A Globe signifies learning success.

Tunduk - is a symbol of the home, in a broader sense, and the world as a universe. It personifies the strength of the house, the age-old traditions of the people, and the deep philosophical unity of Earth and sky. Tunduk symbolizes the unity of the peoples living in the country. Tunduk - means the unity of peoples in the world.

Elements of national ornament express the dynamics of the development. Proves the wealth and antiquity of the Kyrgyz people.

Green means growth, development, stability, new beginnings. Green is the most natural color, the color of nature, grass, youth. It is also considered a symbol of peace and harmony.

White color - symbolizes purity, innocence, goodness, and truth. White is often used to express sterility and safety. In international law, the white flag is considered a call for a truce.


Jupiter is the fifth planet from the Sun and the largest in the Solar System. It is a gas giant with a mass a thousand times that of the Sun.

The main meaning of the Jupiter talisman is to bring prosperity and good luck. It is not surprising that Jupiter's mascot is one of the most recognized of the planetary talismans since Jupiter is called the "Great Benefactor" or "the planet of great happiness".

The following types of professional activities belong to Jupiter: lawyers, high-ranking diplomats, ministers, teachers of higher education, with degrees, titles, professors in all fields of science.


Achievements, awards

Students are actively involved in the public life of the University. We can proudly cite the following achievements of the Institute and students of IMPMO:

  • IMPMO took first place at the Summer Olympics among the institutes of the KSLU in 2013;
  • In 2019, the creative team of the Institute of International Law and International Relations took 1st place in the sports competition of amateur performances among students.

Also, students actively participate in various brain rings, international conferences, and in the UN model, where they show excellent results and win prizes:

  • In 2019, students awarded a diploma in the nomination "Resourceful team" in the brain-ring of History of State and Law of Kyrgyzstan;
  • In 2019, they were awarded a diploma for active participation in an inter-faculty competition in the discipline of Labor Law;
  • In 2019 they were awarded a 2nd-degree diploma at the Land Law tournament among 4th-year students;
  • Following the motto of the Institute "Where we are, there is Victory" our students never give up and strive for victory, and in 2019 our students were awarded a diploma for the will to win in the annual Brain-ring on the History of State and Law of Foreign Countries;

At the same time, students travel to various international conferences in the Republic of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Uzbekistan, and other countries.


Best graduates:


Kanymkulov Nurmukhammat Kanymkulovich - graduate of the direction: Islamic Law 2016, Consul of the Kyrgyz Republic in the State of Kuwait;

Marat Emir - a graduate of the direction: International Public Law 2017, Lawyer at CJSC Kumtor Gold Company;

Askarbekov Dur Erkinbekovich - graduate of the direction: Islamic Law 2015, Candidate of Sciences in Law, Deputy Director of the Institute of International Law and International Relations, Senior Lecturer at the Department of International Law and World Politics;

Taalaibekova Erkinai Taalaibekovna - graduate of the direction: Islamic law 2016. Head of the digital development department of the Kyrgyz State Law University.

Sharshenaly uulu Adilet - graduate of the direction: Trade Law 2015, Head of the Department of Legal Support of the Central Commission for Elections and Referenda of the Kyrgyz Republic.