Institut of Judiciary and Prosecution

Director of the Institute Ajybek uulu Nurbek
Deputy Director Sovetbek uulu Askat
Leading specialist

Janabilova Adelina Janabilovna;

Zarylkanova Aliya Bazarovna


Chui Avenue 180a


Information about the institute

For the purpose of preparing legal personnel with strong theoretical and practical skills in prosecutorial and judicial activities there was established the Judicial and Prosecutorial Faculty in 2006.

By the Decree of the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic No. 367 of 23.07.2019, the Kyrgyz State Law Academy was renamed the Kyrgyz State Law University. By order of the rector, the Judicial and Prosecutorial Faculty was renamed into the Institute of Justice and Procuracy. At the Institute of Justice and Procuracy, students get education according to the program of more in-depth study of special subjects necessary for judicial and prosecutorial activities to ensure the competitiveness of the graduates in the modern labor market. At the Institute, education is carried out in the direction of "Jurisprudence" profile " Judicial and prosecutorial activity».

The established traditions of legal education and upbringing at the Institute of Justice and Procuracy of the KSLA - the presence of highly qualified teaching staff, developed infrastructure, comfortable conditions for education-all this not only creates a favorable, friendly atmosphere, but also determines the fundamental nature of the proposed legal training programs.

Every year more and more people want to enter our Institute, and with even greater pride, those who have entered will be able to realize that they are the best of the best. We provide students with up-to-date theoretical knowledge and develop their practical skills necessary for future prosecutorial and judicial activities. Students of our Institute get practice and internships in the prosecutor's office and the court, as well as in the internal affairs bodies. Since 2018, every year the best students are sent to study in foreign universities under various programs and agreements of "Academic Mobility" in various countries in leading universities such as the Russian Federation, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, etc.

Symbols and attributes

The emblem of the Institute of Justice and the Procuracy depicts a shield and a sword. The sword acts as a symbol of strength, leading the fight against the enemy, encroaching on a peaceful existence. The shield superimposed on two swords, pointed downwards, represents the procuracy – our main activity. In addition, our emblem means that the owner of this symbol is ready to defend the interests and principles of justice with a shield and a sword.

The emblem combines two color schemes, blue and light blue:

  • the blue color means chastity and protection, justice, and hope;
  • light blue means friendship, peaceful sky and justice.

Achievements, awards

At the Institute get educated 1114 students, 917 of them bachelor's and 197 master's degrees.

The Institute of Justice and Procuracy is one of the best institutes of the KSLA, repeatedly winning prizes at various events. It is the best institute of the 2017-2018 and 2018-2019 academic years.

Every year, students of the institute participate in various events, Olympiads in jurisprudence, where they win prizes.

The Institute of Justice and Prosecutor's Office is the winner of the Grand Prix of the Artistic Activity Competition 2019, 2018, 2017.

At the annual sports festival of the KSLA the institute occupies high prizes, where it has repeatedly become the winner of the sports festival of the KSLA. The institute became the champion of the Olympics in 2014, 2017.

Every year, students of the institute become holders of the presidential scholarship "Umut". So in 2019, a graduate of the Institute Bakeev Rinat received the Umut Presidential Scholarship.

At the Institute get education  3 masters of sports of international class, 14 masters of sports of the Kyrgyz Republic.


Best graduates:


Myrzabaev Mithun Taalaibekovich, graduation year 2010, at present:  Ph.D. in Law, Deputy Director of the Investigative and Forensic Institute;

Kangeldiev Kalyinur  Ratbekovich, graduated year 2011, at present: Judge of the Jalal Abad City Court;

Muretbekov Shabdan Muratbekovich, graduation year 2012, at present:  Deputy Prosecutor of the Moscow district, lawyer of the 2nd class;

Osmonaliev Urmat Turarovich, graduation year 2011, Prosecutor of the Department of Criminal and Civil Proceedings and Supervision of the execution of court Decisions, lawyer of the 1st class;

Shygaev Adilet Rysbekovich, graduation year 2011, Senior Assistant prosecutor of the Alamudun district, lawyer of the 1st class;

Isabaev Muhamet Kamchybekovich, graduation year 2014,  Senior Assistant prosecutor of the Uzgen district of Osh region, lawyer of the 1st class;

Karataev Azamat Oljobaevich, graduation year 2014, Prosecutor of the Bishkek City Prosecutor's Office, lawyer of the 1st class;

Djakypov Azat Anarbekovich, graduation year 2010,  Head of the SCM of the Department of Internal Affairs of the Oktyabr district of Bishkek city.