Wednesday, February 9th, 2022.

Events dedicated to calendar holidays and memorable dates

A number of organizational and cultural events dedicated to calendar holidays and memorable dates are held at the sites of the KSUA. So every year on Valentine’s Day there is a contest “The Perfect couple”. The competition consists of several stages, in each of which students must demonstrate acting abilities and choreographic skills. The students’ skills are evaluated by the invited jury.

A number of different events are held for the International Women’s Day, such as: 

  1. Intellectual Quiz game on the topic: “On the way to gender equality”. The purpose of the event: promotion and dissemination of information about gender equality in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
  2. Guest meetings, which celebrate the achievements of women in the political, economic and social fields, celebrate the past, present and future of the women of the planet. The speakers of the event are invited modern Kyrgyz women who have taken place in their professional activities. They share their experience of overcoming challenges and stereotypes in their direction, and also give students tips for achieving good career results.
  3. A solemn event for congratulating the women of the KSLA. 

On the Day of the Vernal Equinox-Nooruz, a solemn event is held every year in the KSLA. The celebration begins with the preparation of a festive sumolok, and the next day the teaching staff has the opportunity to taste it with boorsoks and even take it with them. Folk sports games are also held, which include: ordo, toguz korgool, chaka chapmai and orompoi. All winners are awarded with diplomas of the corresponding degrees and cash prizes.

A series of commemorative events are held on Victory Day, such as: The Victory Waltz and the Immortal Regiment. Perhaps the most striking, spectacular and touching event is the Victory Waltz. The dance flash mob has also become a good tradition for the university. The Victory Waltz is a memory of those young people who laid down their heads on the battlefield, gratitude to them. This event is for the younger generation as a tribute to the memory of the feat of their grandfathers and fathers. “The Immortal Regiment– is one of the brightest patriotic movements to preserve the personal memory of the generation of the Great Patriotic War, the generation of our fathers, grandfathers and great-grandfathers. The regiment is millions of the departed and their descendants. It is important to involve young people in patriotic events, to talk about heroes and ordinary soldiers, so that the children have a sense of belonging, so that they honor and respect the participants of the war. We remember the names of the veterans of our university, those who took direct part in the fighting, as well as those who, with their work in the rear, brought the long-awaited Victory closer.

Every year, students and staff of the KSLA join and take an active part in the “Immortal Regiment” campaign. On the occasion of the State Language Day, various events are held in the KSLA, such as: guest meetings, gala evenings, conferences, round tables, contests. As part of the events, teachers and students watch a documentary about the history of the adoption of the law on the state language, the rector presents Certificates of Honor to distinguished employees for their contribution to the development of the state language.