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Material and technical base of the university

All conditions for training, work and recreation of students, postgraduates, staff and teachers have been created at KSLU.

The continuous process of training and implementation of research and innovation activities is carried out in 3 educational buildings in Bishkek and 1 building in Karakol, equipped with all necessary equipment and software. The university also has a sports and recreation camp “Dolphin” on the shore of Lake Issyk-Kul in the village of Chok-Tal.

Comfortable lecture halls, laboratories, computer classes with modern software, classrooms meet the most stringent requirements. During the year, all available premises are repaired, decorated, equipped with the necessary furniture and inventory.

The university is connected by a local network with Internet access. In each of the buildings in which the scientific and educational process is carried out, there is a conference hall or special rooms for events that gather a large number of participants, an assembly hall, etc.  The spacious foyers of the buildings are equipped with information stands, a video surveillance system is installed throughout the university. There are special halls for web seminars and on-line conferences.

Also located in the buildings are: the Innovation and Legal Center “Workshop of Law”, the Laboratory of Digital Solutions, the Educational and Innovative Forensic Complex named after G. Gross, departments and centers of the university.


The scientific library was created in 1992 with an initial fund of 28 books on the basis of the Institute for Retraining and Advanced Training of the KNU named after J. Balasagyn. August 12, 2003 NB IPPKK KNU named after J. Balasagyn with a fund of 15445 units. storage was transformed into the Scientific Library of the Kyrgyz State Law Academy.

The main directions of the library’s work: ensuring and improving the educational process, acquiring and preserving book collections, maintaining an electronic catalog, using computer technologies to meet the information needs of library users.

The information potential of the library is 63602 copies of books, magazines, videos, documents on the CD, the KSLA portal has more than 3,000 titles of textbooks and teaching aids, more than 50 titles of domestic and foreign newspapers and magazines are subscribed annually. A special place in the fund is occupied by rare books, editions of the 18th-19th centuries.

At the disposal of our reading public are cozy and comfortable reading rooms in the main building, as well as in the village. Kok-Zhar, in the College of Law (in the building of secondary school No. 4), Issyk-Kul Law Institute, Talas and Naryn Law Colleges.

The library implements modern information technologies on the basis of the automated information and library system “IRBIS”: an electronic catalog has been created, automated workstations for library personnel have been organized. The library is connected to the local network of the Academy and provides access to the educational portal of the KSLA, to foreign educational databases, and also conducts automated processing of all types of documents submitted to the library.

In honor of the Day of Libraries of Kyrgyzstan, which is celebrated annually on May 27, our library – for the successful introduction of innovative methods of serving users, providing access to world information resources, as well as active participation in the public life of the academy and strengthening the library fund in 2010, was awarded an HONORARY LITERATURE of the Ministry of Education and science of the Kyrgyz Republic.

In 2015, 2 employees of the scientific library were awarded an HONORARY LITERATURE by the Ministry of Culture, Information and Tourism of the Kyrgyz Republic for their contribution to the development of art and culture.

The KSLA library is a member of the Library and Information Consortium of Kyrgyzstan, and participates in the projects “Creation of a corporate repository of dissertation abstracts” (CRAD) (2010) ( He is also a member of the Association of Electronic Libraries (Kyrlibnet (2013). The main goal of the AEB is to create a single network for cooperation between scientific university libraries in Kyrgyzstan, to work together on a web platform for the supply of documents, electronic documentation and materials from training centers.

Scientific library structure:

  • Sector for modern information technologies.
  • Exchange reserve fund
  • Acquisition and processing of literature
  • Reference and information hall
  • Library and Information Services Sector.
  • Subscription and Reading Room No. 1
  • Reading room (building number 2)
  • Subscription and reading room in YK
  • Sector for Remote Access Libraries.
  • IUF Library
  • Library TUV
  • NYK Library


The library fund of the Academy is formed in accordance with the profile of professional educational programs, research and information needs of readers.

Each teacher and employee of the Academy can take part in the acquisition of the library fund with scientific and educational publications and documents. Information about new editions can be found on the websites of publishers and bookselling organizations.

The library acquires:

scientific publications (monographs, collections of articles, conference proceedings, etc.) in the amount of 1-3 copies.

reference publications (reference books, dictionaries, encyclopedias) in the amount of 1-5 copies.

textbooks and manuals for acquaintance in the amount of 1-2 copies.

textbooks and teaching aids to ensure the educational process – in the amount determined by the standards for the provision of universities with educational literature approved by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic and the student population (for basic literature, a coefficient of 0.5 per student is used, for additional literature, a coefficient of 0.2-0 , 25 per student), as well as the availability of educational publications on this discipline in the library of the Academy.

Library card

All students (users) must present a library card in order to study in the library.

The student has no right to transfer the library card to another person.

If you have lost your library card

Immediately inform the librarian about the loss of the library card.

If the library card is lost the first time, the student pays a fine of 50 soms, the second and subsequent times – 100 soms.


For home use, local editions are issued (depending on the number of books) for a period of 1-3 days.

Issuing books after 14:00

Books of Russian editions, encyclopedias, dictionaries, CD / DVD discs can be used only in the reading room.

* In exceptional cases, small circulation local publications may be issued to a student at night (after 16:00). In this case, these publications must be returned to the subscription no later than 9.00 the next day.


Library materials must be returned no later than the due date.

If the student does not return the book on time, he / she will be fined.

Violation of the terms of return:

Books taken from the pass, in case of delay

Ex/  day 3-00
For taking out literature without registration Doc 25-00
Penalty for the loss of books 1 copy. 5 times the cost 1 copy. 5 times the cost
Debtors who graduated from KSLA (from the day the book was issued until the day they were returned to the library). Doc / year 250-00 Doc/ year 250-00

* In case of loss of books or other materials from the library fund, please notify the librarians immediately.

Use of library and personal computers:

Computers are used for educational purposes only.

To access the educational portal, online catalogs, as well as electronic catalogs of the library.

Private photos and videos are not allowed.

It is important!

The student must not transfer library materials to any other person.

It is obligatory to register books.

Do not take any notes in books, do not tear or fold pages.

Before placing books at home, check the integrity of the book (whether the pages are not damaged or missing). Otherwise, you will be responsible for the damage to the books.

Return of all materials taken for home use must be returned before the end of the school year (before June 1).

Do not leave your library card in the library.

Personal Conduct Rules

Please study quietly in the libra


” Vestnik of the KSLA” is the official periodical of the KSLA. The journal is registered by the International Center for the Registration of World Periodicals, index ISSN 1694-5344.

The founder of the scientific and methodological journal ” Vestnik of KSLA” is the Kyrgyz State Law Academy under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic, the journal was founded in 2004.

“Vestnik of KSLA” as part of the scientific and methodological system of KSLA participates in the solution of the following tasks:

– reflection of the results of research, scientific and practical and methodological activities of the teaching staff, graduate students and applicants;

– identification of scientific potential for the introduction of advanced scientific achievements in the educational process;

– the formation of open scientific polemics, contributing to the improvement of the quality of dissertation research, the effectiveness of the examination of scientific works;

– ensuring publicity and openness in the reflection of the scientific problems of the research teams of the departments.

The “Bulletin of the KSLA” publishes original scientific materials highlighting the topical problems of the branches of knowledge represented in the research activities of universities, as well as aimed at introducing the results of scientific research into educational activities; articles on the problems of improving legislation, law enforcement practice, legislative process, highlighting innovations in the training of specialists in the field of higher education; articles with analysis of bills, scientific reports.

Chief Editor:

Rysmendeev B.J. – Rector of the Kyrgyz  state legal academy  Doctor of Law, Professor. Deputy chief editor:

Kochkarova E.A. – Head Department of postgraduate studies of doctoral studies and organization of scientific activities of the KSLA, Doctor of Law, Acting professors

Editorial Council:

Kerezbekov K.K. – Deputy of the Jogorku Kenesh of the Kyrgyz Republic, Doctor of Law, Professor, Honored Lawyer of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Sartaev S.S. – honorary manager Department of Theory and History of the State and Law of the Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Baymakhanov M.T. – professor of Kazakh Humanities – Law University, Academician of NAS RK, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Kurmanov K.Sh. – professor-consultant Department of Criminal Law KSLA, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Udartsev S.F. – Director of the Research Institute of Legal politics and constitutional  legislation of the Kazakh humanitarian University of Law, Doctor of Law, Professor.

 Kopabae O.K.  – Rector of the Eurasian Law Academy named after D.A. Kunaeva, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Dmitrienko I.A. – Vice-rector for educational work of KSLA, Doctor of Law, and. about the professor.

Kim O.D. – Leading Researcher (Advisor) of the Scientific Advisory Committee of the KSLA, Doctor of Law, Professor.

Osmonaliev A.O. – and about. professors of the department Economics and Management KSLA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor. assistant professor.

Editorial team:

Ibraimov R.T. – Dean of the Faculty of Prosecution, Candidate of Law, Associate Professor.

Dzhumaliev D.S. – Dean of the Faculty of Advocacy and Justice of the KSLA, Ph.D., Acting associate professor

Zhakybakunov E.T. – Dean of the Faculty of Law and Entrepreneurship of the KSLA, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Naimanbaev A.B. – Dean of the International Law Faculty of KSLA, Ph.D., Acting Associate Professor

Omurova Zh.N. – Dean of the Faculty of Management and Law of the KSLA, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Associate Professor.

Abdrasulov S.M. – Head Department of Philosophy and Social Sciences and Humanities, KSLA, Ph.D. n.

Esenbekova A.T. – Head Department of Criminal Law KSLA, Ph.D., Acting associate professor

Musabayeva N.A. – Head Department of Land,

agrarian and environmental law KSLA, Ph.D., associate professor

Alisheva A.B. – Head Department of Civil and Family Law, KSLA, Ph.D.


Kyrgyz State Law Academy under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Subscription index 77358

Address: Ind. 720001,

Bishkek, Chui avenue, 180 a

Phones: 0 (312) 392102

The journal is registered with the Ministry of Justice of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Magazine registration certificate No. 927.

The journal ” Vestnik of KSLA” is included in the Higher the Attestation Commission of the Kyrgyz Republic to the List of publications for publishing the main scientific results of dissertations in the Kyrgyz Republic.

All rights to the materials published in the issue belong to the journal “Vestnic  of the KSLA”.

Reprinting of materials published in the journal is allowed only with the written permission of the publisher.

The author (authors) is responsible for the originality of the research and the scientific and theoretical level of the published material, for the accuracy of the facts, statistical data, proper names and other information, as well as for the publication of materials that are not subject to open publication.

The opinion of the editorial board does not always coincide with the opinion of the author.

The journal is published quarterly.


The collection of our library contains the rarest rare editions, which are bibliographic rarities and are present in single copies even in the most serious libraries in the world.

Meners Konoersations – Lexikon: Buch 2-10,12-15,17. Chemille bis Diogelstedt. fünfte, gänslidj neuberarbeitete auflage .- Leip iq; Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 1893-1897;

Meyer’s Explanatory Dictionary. In 17 volumes, Book 2-10,12-15,17. 5th edition – Lepzig, Vienna: Bibliographic Institute, 1893-1897. (in German)

Lessings Werke Buch 1 – 5. Gedichte und Lustspiele / Frans Bornmuller …. – Leip iq; Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 1907. (in German)

Lessing Works: In 5 volumes. Vol. 1-5. – Leipzig, Vienna: Bibliographic Institute, 1907;

Schillers Werke Buch 2.- 4, 6-8 / Dramen in Prosa / Ludmig Bellermann … – Leip iq; Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 1907. (in German)

Schiller Works: In 8 volumes. T.2-4.6-8. – Leipzig, Vienna: Bibliographic Institute, 1907;

Chafespeares Dramatische Werke Buch 1-10. Konigs-dramen …. – Leip iq; Wien: Bibliographisches Institut, 1907. (in German)

Shakespeare Dramatic Works: In 10 volumes. Vol. 1-10. – Lepzig, Vienna: Bibliographic Institute, 1907.

Bell. Newspaper of A.I. Herzen and P.P. Ogarev: Issue 1-10. 1857-1867 – Moscow-Leningrad: Publishing house of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, 1961. (facsimile playback)


Periodicals newspapers and magazines subscribed by the NB KSLA for the first half of 2016

Newspaper titles Newspaper titles
1 Asia News AIF-Kyrgyzstan
2 Alibi Evening Bishkek
3 Zhaky Agym Case No.
4 De facto Komsomolskaya Pravda
5 Kut bilim MSN MSN
6 Kut bilim Sabak Public rating
7 Kyrgyz tili Word of Kyrgyzstan
8 Kyrgyz Tuusu Economy, Business, Banks
9 Til jana madaniyat  
10 Uchur  
11 Fable  
23 Erkin Too  


Magazines Magazines
1 Zhetigen Alma mater
2 El agartuu Library information systems and innovations
3   Educational issues
4   State and law
5   Distance and virtual learning
6   Innovation in education
7   NACR
8   Rus. lang. or T. in schools of the Kyrgyz Republic
9   VMU: Series 11 Right
10   VMU: Series 25. International Relations and World Politics
11   Socio-clinical psychiatry
12   Forensic medical examination
13   Customs
14   Economy and law
15   Forensic expert
16   Legal education and science
17   Legal psychology

The Dolphin Sports and Health Camp is located on the shores of Lake Issyk-Kul in the Chok-Tal village (226 km from Bishkek). SHC Dolphin has a territory with its own park area, walking paths and recreation areas. It also has a modern infrastructure for recreation: football, volleyball courts, billiards. A playground for children and for playing the national game Ordo has been equipped. Rooms “Suite” and “Junior Suite” – studio rooms are equipped with household appliances, kitchen furniture. Connected to cable TV, individual hot water supply. SHC Dolphin provides conference services. A modern conference room equipped with all the necessary equipment is designed for 40 people. The new modern pier offers beautiful views. The pier is designed for diving, fishing and yacht mooring. The clean sandy beach, equipped with sun loungers and sun loungers, is one of the best on the coast. There is a dining room for 100 people, offering delicious and varied cuisine. The territory is guarded by its own security service SHC Dolphin for a safe and comfortable stay.