Tuesday, November 30th, 2021.

Symbols and attributes

Corporate identity


The KSLA new logo is a scarlet square inside which is a shield with the book, Shield is a simbolism of protection of rights, honor, dignity, justice and loyalty. Book. An open book, located in the very heart of the shied, is the personification of the perfection of knowledge, without the geranium flight of thought and creativity.
Square. The shield and the open book are laid out in a square. The square is one of the simplest and most ubiquitous geometric simbols. Simbolizes truth, justice, wisdom, intelligence, knowledge.

The main colors of the symbolizm

Scarlet and Blue

  • Scarlet. The new symbolizm is presented in a cardinal new light -scarlet is a color of life, which also expresses the desire for heights. Color inspires, motivates to set high goals and achieve them.
  • Blue. By choosing blue as the second color, the university promotes some of the main values: loyalty, honesty, perseverance, dedication, justice and peace.

Corporate fonts:

– Bitter

– Source Serif Pro

University logo:

The original version of the KSLA logo

KSLA logo 

Presentation template 

Slogan KSLA

Step into the future!

The mascots of the KSLA are:

  • Lynx
  • Plane tree

The lynx is a talisman that unites all the creative, intellectual and sports efforts of the university under one bright and memorable brand.

Symbolizes: vigilance, visual acuity, enlightenment, insight, love of truth.

The lynx is a predatory animal of the cat family, with protruding ears and a short tail.

The original version of the talisman Lynx KSLA 

The plane tree is the second talisman that symbolizes: strength, protection, eternity and hope. The plane tree is a long-lived, powerful tree with a spreading crown. The plane tree can live up to 2000 years, reaching a height of 45-50 meters and a trunk diameter of up to 6 meters. This is a beautiful tree with a wide spreading crown and smooth light gray bark.


The original version of the talisman Platan KSLA

The athem of  Kyrgyz State Law Academy

text: A. Omurkanov  music: S. Dzhumaliev

Калыстык күн нурун чачса,
Ачылат бүркөк асман,
Адилет болбосо мыйзам,
Адилет болбойт заман.
Юракадемия – билим, илим уясы.
Юракадемия, юракадемия,
Эртеңки күндүн кубаты.
Атканда адилдик таңы
Жаңырат адам жаны,
Мыйзамдар жакшырган сайын,
Оңолот коому дагы.
Акыл-эс алдыга жылса,
Коомубуз алга жылат.
Калыстык адилет гана
Дүйнөгө сайраң курат.