Monday, January 31st, 2022.

Department of Physical Culture and Sports

Head of the Department: Kashtabaev A.M.

Phone number: 0500 835412

Information about the department

The department provides educational process in the discipline “Physical culture” in all institutes of the University.

The staff of the department on an ongoing basis carry out the training process with national teams in sports throughout the academic year

Year of foundation

The Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Kyrgyz State Law University was formed in 2019 as a result of the division of the center for youth affairs, aesthetic education and physical education.

The number of teachers

Today the department employs 8 teachers.

Activity of the department

According to the approved work plan for sports events (for each academic year), the department conducts sports events among students and employees of the Kyrgyz State Law University, and also implements the Den-Sooluk complex for students and university employees. The staff of the department conducts individual work with students who are exempted from physical education classes for health reasons.

The departmentteaching staff

The teaching staff of the department:
1. Kashtabaev Abdilatip Makhmudzhanovich – acting head of the department, senior lecturer
2. Ankudinova Anzhelika Viktorovna – senior teacher
3. Tashbekov Abubakir Abdumalikovich – senior teacher
4. Grishchenko Sergey Vasilievich – senior teacher
5. Koboshov Bakytbek Bekbolotovich – senior teacher
6. Pushnyakova Irina Pavlovna – teacher
7. Otogonov Asanbay Ishenbekovich – teacher
8. Arynaaliev Mirbek Asanaalievich – teacher.