Tuesday, February 8th, 2022.

Academic mobility program to the Eurasian National University named after L.N. Gumilyova

Academic mobility of students is studying at a foreign partner university for one semester or academic year, the result of which is a document confirming the learning outcomes (transcript or certificate of study).  

At present, the Eurasian National University is one of the leading classical universities in Kazakhstan.  Educational activities at the ENU.  L.N.  Gumilyov is conducted according to a three-level system of personnel training: bachelor’s degree – master’s degree – PhD doctoral studies in Russian and Kazakh languages ​​only in full-time, which allows to ensure high quality education.

Eurasian National University named after L.n.  Gumilev accepts documents for the academic mobility program “Welcome to ENU” for the spring-autumn semester.  The program is open to undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students.  Training is conducted on the epidemiological situation in the country).  mixed format (depending on Required documents: + Passport. Pre-scanned version of the transcript To submit documents, follow the news on social networks and on the website. ? For any additional questions, you can contact the Department of External Relations and International Cooperation.