Aigerim Zholdoshbekovna Zholdoshbekova

Advanced training

  •  Training intensive course “Innovative Learning Technologies”, September 16-18, 2020. KSLA
  • National legal forms of 2020 on the topic: “Opportunities of information technologies in the implementation of the professional activities of a lawyer: promotion of services, professional development, exchange of experience” (certificate) June 23, 2020.
  • Participation in the training on the topic: “Fundamentals of legislative techniques and rules for conducting mandatory specialized examinations of draft laws and other legal acts” (certificate) from January 21 to 23, 2019.
  • Participation in the training on the topic: “Methodology for writing a research paper” Trainer: Oleg Dmitrievich Kim (certificate) from January to February 2019
  • 2015-2018 – 1, 2, 3, 4 cycles of the School of Pedagogical Skills of the KSLA.

Scientific works

  • Gender equality in the context of political development of the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Legal forms of the impact of civil society institutions on state power (co-authored with the teacher of the Department of C&M, AN Nuridinova).
  • The mechanism for the implementation of the political rights of a citizen in the Kyrgyz Republic.
  • Legal protection of equality of rights and access of women and girls to justice.