Jantaeva Gulmira Guldjigitovna

  • Head of the Department
  • Department name: Deepartment of Civil and Family Law
  • Total work experience: 19 years
  • Scientific and pedagogical experience: 19 years
  • Email: g.zhantaeva@ksla.kg
  • Phone: +996(03)983970


Higher education, KSLA № CD060042526 majoring in law

Advanced training

  • Certificate«Protection of intellectual property rights”rights ». Bishkek, State Service of Intellectual Property and Innovation under the Government of the Kyrgyz Republic.  November19-20, 2019.
  • Certificate № 0384 of skill development: “Use of technologies of traditional and innovative models of education to improve the quality of education”, M.R. Rakhimova’s Institute for Advanced Training(the amount of hours – 72). January21,  2020 till February 05, 2020.
  • Certificate for participation in the online webinar of the National Legal Forum 2020: “Opportunities of information technologies  for implementation of the professional activities of a lawyer: promotion of services. Skill development, exchange of experience. June 23, 2020.
  • Certificate of panel discussion of the National Legal Forum 2020: “Access to justice in case of state of emergency and emergency situations during COVID 19” June 23, 2020.
  • Certificate: “Online mid-term: exams and tests” and the program of the use of modern methods in the educational process “04/30/2020 IPR MEDIA, IPR BOOKS

Scientific works

  • Administrative and legal status of customs payments // Scientific and methodological journal “KSLA Vestnik” – 2014 (No. 1) -P. 136-139
  • Criminal liability for evasion of customs payments // Scientific-methodical journal “KSLA Vestnik” – 2008 (No. 5) -S. 51-55
  • Legal aspects of customs administration // Scientific and methodological journal “Law and Politics” – 2011 (No. 1,2) -P. 478-481
  • Zhantaeva G.G., Mambetova D.B. Preventive measures to prevent customs crimes // Scientific-methodical journal “KSLA Vestnik” – 2013
  • Customs carrier as a subject of customs law // Scientific and methodological journal “KSLA Vestnik” -2013
  • Customs policy // Scientific and methodological journal “KSLA Vestnik” – 2014
  • Problems of legal regulation of methods for determining the customs value of goods in practice // Scientific and methodological journal “Kazakhstan” – 2014
  • Bazhy birimdigi zhana Birdiktүү economicslyk meikindikke integrationloo etabynda Kyrgyz Respublikasyyn myyzamdyk bazasyn өrkүndөtүү // Scientific and methodological journal “KSLA Vestnik” – 2014
  • Review of the judicial practice of customs authorities of disputes related to the customs value of goods // Scientific and methodological journal “Domestic Jurisprudence” – RF 2016 (RSCI)
  • “Improvement of customs administration”  // Scientific and methodological journal “Domestic Jurisprudence” – RF 2016 (RSCI)
  • Administrative reforms in the Kyrgyz Republic: prospects and problems // Scientific-methodical journal “KSLAVestnik” –№1. – 2017.
  • Problems of the formation and development of administrative justice on the territory of Kyrgyzstan // Scientific and methodological journal “KSLAVestnik” -№ 2. – 2018.
  • “Responsibility of the customs representative duringcarrying out of civil transactions” // International theoretical journal “Izvestia” No. 2 (29) 2020 pp. 313-318
  • Foreign economic activity under the conditions of the EAEU, article in the publication
  • Was a member of the working group of the development of the draft of law “On the Public Chamber” in 2009 18 educational-methodical complexes were developed.
  • An electronic textbook”Customs Law”  was developed.


  • Certificate ofappreciation of KSLAfor creative achievements in pedagogical activity. June 29, 2008.
  • Certificate of appreciation of KSLAfor professional creative achievements, 2017.
  • The best teacher for the 2017-2018 academic year.