Karimberdieva Shiringul Askaralievna


  • 2007-2012 – Kyrgyz State Law University. International Law Faculty, specialization: Public Law
  • 2012-2013 – Kyrgyz State Law University. Faculty of Law (magistracy), specialty: Jurisprudence

Advanced training

  •  From July 9 to 15, 2011.-Certificate of having completed training at the summer school for legal clinics (organizers – Soros Foundation Kyrgyzstan).
  • Refresher courses – “School of Pedagogical Skills” – 1, 2, 3, 4 cycles, KSLA 2012-2014.
  • 2018 November-December Courses in mediation (Basic part), Certificate of having taken courses in mediation, certificate of the Mediator
  • 2020 September – Training: “Innovative learning technologies”, Certificate of completion of the training.

Scientific works

  •  “Problems and prospects of integration interaction of the Kyrgyz Republic with the EAEU member states” Bulletin of the KSLA, Bishkek 2018
  • “Implementation of the norms of international treaties in national and international law” Bulletin of the KSLA, Bishkek 2018
  • “The role of the Kyrgyz Republic in the SCO”, Special issue Bulletin of the KSLA, Bishkek 2019