Zhumakanova Zhanyl-Myrza Kanybekovna

  • Senior Lecturer
  • Department name: Department of administrative, financial and information law
  • Total work experience: 10 years
  • Scientific and pedagogical experience: 10 years
  • Email: zh.zhumakanova@ksla.kg
  • Phone: +996999973333


Higher legal education

Advanced training

  • «UKUK» – School of human rights,  Democracy, human rights, mechanisms for their protection;
  • Anti-corruption Summer School ” Prevention of Corruption through Education and Awareness raising;
  • Innovative technologies for training, ИПЦ МП (КSLА);
  • Online seminar “Didactics of pedagogical design for universities of Kyrgyzstan», ERASMUS;
  • Online webinar on Administrative Law, GIZ;
  • Mentoring Program, ИПЦ МП (КSLА);

Scientific works

  • Scientific article «Administrative responsibility for offenses in the field of traffic» ВЕСТНИК КГЮА 2014 г.№1
  • Scientific article «On the basics of administrative activities and administrative procedures» https://www.ksla.kg/media/vestnik/2016_1/index.html
  • Scientific article «Psychological features of traffic participants as the safety factor» 2018 г. №1 КГЮА ВЕСТНИК
  • Scientific article «State control and supervision in the sphere of safety of road traffic» 2018 ж. №2 КМЮА ВЕСТНИК
  • Scientific article  «Guarantees of the implementation of the rights and legitimate interests of road users» 2018 г КГЮА ВЕСТНИК
  • Scientific article «Legal aspects of road traffic safety» 2018 г. №1 КГЮА ВЕСТНИК
  • Scientific article «Responsibility for violations of road traffic rules under code on violations of the Kyrgyz Republic» ВЕСТНИК КГЮА 2019 №3


  • KSLA Diplom Ardak, June, 2016.
  • Ministry of Justice of the KR Medal Partnership Cooperation, June, 2018.