Wednesday, February 2nd, 2022.

Extracurricular work department

Head of Department: Bardybaeva Nurjana Kuvanychbekovna

Phone number:+996 312 392105

Department structure

Manageress: Bardybaeva Nurjana Kuvanychbekovna

Purpose of creation

1)To shape the students personality, develop his inner potential , cultivate kindness to the environment

2)Involve students in the work of student government to develop student  leadership skills.

Department tasks

1)Providing comprehensive (coordination), current planning of extracurricular activities of the university and its implementation.

2)Assistance in the development and release of documents on the organization of extracurricular work.

3)Study, dissemination and implementation of scientific achievements into the practice of extracurricular work, use of the results of sociological research.

4)Practical support of work on the organization of leisure and everyday life of students.

5)Development of amateur art activities of students.

6)Holding cultural events at the university.

7)Coordination of the activities of student public formations:

  • Student Council;
  • Student Rights Commissioner;
  • KVN KSLA team;
  • Debate club (oratory);
  • Creative circles.

Department activities

The department for extracurricular work in its activities is guided by the Charter of the Kyrgyz State Law University (KSLA), orders and instructions, other regulatory and legal acts in force in the field of educational and extracurricular work.

Information about employees

Bardybaeva Nurjana    Kuvanychbekovna

Tel: +996 708 123432