Tuesday, February 1st, 2022.

Innovative and Legal Center “Law Workshop”

Innovative and Legal Center “Law Workshop”

Director: Джакшылыкова Гулкайыр Джакшылыковна. 

Contact details: +996556888821

Adress: г. Бишкек, ул. М.Горького 18А

Corporate e-mail: g.dzhakshylykova@ksla.kg

Assistant – Almazbekova Eliza Almazbekovna.

E-mail – masterskayaprava@gmail.commasterskayaprava@ksla.kg

The purpose of the Center is:

implementation of project activities, ensuring its effectiveness, initiation of innovative, legal, educational, and other activities in various spheres of society, increasing the potential of students, undergraduates and teaching staff of KSLA.


-conducting trainings, seminars, webinars for the KSLA team (students, undergraduates, faculty) in order to increase potential;

– initiation and development of innovative projects together with the staff of the KSLA;

– coordination of the project activities of the KSLA team;

– establishing partnerships with government agencies;

– establishing partnerships with national and international organizations;

– encouragement to take action aimed at solving various legal, social and other issues.

Department activity:

– organization of training events (trainings, seminars, webinars) for students, undergraduates, teachers and other persons (lawyers, notaries, lawyers) on legal and other issues;

– generating ideas, developing innovative projects, start-ups aimed at solving legal, social, economic and other issues of the population;

– organization of interaction with universities, national and international non-profit organizations, government agencies and local governments, government agencies.