Sunday, February 27th, 2022.

Marketing sector

Head: Taalaibekova Erkinai Taalaibekovna


Mobile: +996777790790

Department task

1) Formation of a unified program of measures for information and advertising support of the university’s activities;

2) Organization and effective use of the system for collecting and processing information about the activities of the university and its departments;

3) Preparation and implementation of a program for effective coverage of university events in printed electronic media, SMM;

4) Development and promotion of educational services based on a comprehensive market analysis;

5) Representation of the university on the global Internet.

Department activities

1) Preparation of systematic information releases for the media;

2) Preparation of information and placement on the website, in social network accounts, development of proposals for the design and placement of pages in social networks;

3) Planning and conducting social advertising campaigns, press conferences for journalists on the most important events in the KSUA;

4) Holding events to create a photo and video gallery of employees, students, graduates;

5) Participation in the development of a unified design style of the KGMA, control over its use;

6) Development of proposals for the production of souvenirs with the symbols of the KSUA and implementation of the accepted proposals;

7) Planning and analysis of marketing activities;

8) Carrying out activities aimed at promoting educational services provided by the university;

9) Organization and management of advertising activities;

10) Administration of the university’s website.