Tuesday, December 14th, 2021.

Circles and clubs

At present, there is a noticeable process of revival and return to the origins, the original understanding of truly humane ideas in pedagogical science, laid down in ancient times by wise thinkers, educators, and philosophers.

In recent years, the value of aesthetic education of students has been particularly increasing. It is through art that the spiritual experience of humanity is mainly transmitted, which carries with it the main thing that contributes to the restoration of ties between generations.

The most important task of educating students ‘ spiritual culture at the KSLU is the development and implementation of a creative system of aesthetic education. The holistic development of the artistic picture of the world allows us to understand the connection of art with the life and history of country, promotes aesthetic development of the young generation.

Debate Club

A voluntary association where young people acquire the skills of public speaking, logic, critical thinking and leadership skills.

Club Coordinator: Dzhumaliev Daniyar Sardarbekovich.

Phone: 0500 32 05 65

Blossom Club

For those who love plants and want to create a “green” atmosphere.

Head of the club: Bardybayeva Nurzhana Kuvanychbekovna.

Phone: 0708 12 34 31

ART Therapy Club

Drawing and Painting club. A great place to realize your creative potential, develop communication skills and raise the level of spiritual and moral culture

Club Coordinator: Kydyraliev Almaz Toymatovich

Phone: 0771 71 46 45


The track and Field club and Nordic walking Club are waiting for you for

morning and evening runs, as well as taking care of your health

Head of the club: Arsen Aslanovich Shigaev

Phone: 0555 31 40 03

Vocal lessons

Studying folk art, the art of the peoples inhabiting our area, the work of writers, poets, composers of our country, students of KSLU become involved in historical events. This arouses interest, promotes the education of patriotism. Getting acquainted with the literary, musical, and cultural heritage of their people, students can learn about the traditions and culture of the peoples, which will help them choose the right vocal genre.

Introduction to folk art optimizes imagination, imagination, artistry, intelligence, i.e. forms universal abilities that are important for any field of activity.

The main activity in the vocal club is the study of the origins of folk art. It is based on folk and dance songs, customs and traditions of folk holidays, as well as the study of history.

Folk art

All students can learn to play instruments. For many years, the folklore ensemble has participated in the academy’s events, as well as in various inter-university competitions, including “Spring of Bishkek”. The head of the folklore club is Abdisalamova Baktygul Gyyazidinovna.