Monday, February 7th, 2022.

Practice and employment

Today, our graduates are among the most competitive personnel in the labor market. In order to adapt senior students and graduates to solving the main issues of employment, the Career Center and training units conduct regular joint and independent events in order to acquaint the target audience with the problems that arise when searching for a vacancy and offer possible solutions developed by the practice of managers, HR specialists, lawyers, economists, bank employees, IT specialists of various companies, including graduates. The Career Center oversees the issues of students’ work activities within the curriculum and beyond, and also ensures the development of students’ career literacy and helps them in building individual career trajectories. Work is underway to assist graduates in matters of employment. First of all, such work is aimed at expanding the opportunities of graduates in solving employment issues and the prospects of their professional career, the formation of information and psychological adaptation in the labor market among graduates, interaction with local authorities, public organizations and associations interested in improving the position of graduates in the labor market. 

The main areas of work of the Career Center are: 

  • assistance to students in finding internship places, registration and support of practice; 
  • assistance in finding employment places for students and graduates;
  • organization and conduct of career guidance activities ; 
  • development of students’ career literacy and advising students on building individual career trajectories; 
  • assistance in the preparation of a resume and the formation of a portfolio of students.

Thanks to active cooperation with potential employers, the percentage of employment of our graduates is sufficient.