Saturday, January 22nd, 2022.

Information about department of Digital Technologies

Director: Dzhakshylykova Gulkayyr Dzhakshylykovna

Assistant  director: Botalieva Kanykei Mirbekovna

Leading Specialist: Syrgak kyzy Aizat

Address: Gorky street 18

Department Information

 Department of Digital Technologies

today prepares the best: programmers, specialists in the field of information security and information technology, who will be able to provide services for automating management and accounting of enterprises using the best IT solutions.

Mission  Department of Digital Technologies: training of highly qualified specialists capable of providing directions for the strategic development of the Kyrgyz Republic – for the modernization of the economy and the development of modern information technologies in all spheres of economic activity.

Department of Digital Technologies has an excellent material and technical base – computer classes equipped with modern PCs and projectors, classrooms, a gym, a stadium, a football field, a comfortable canteen.

In the Department of Digital Technologies, students can study, with the award of an academic bachelor’s degree in the following areas:

  • 710300 Applied Informatics;
  • 710200 Information systems and technologies;
  • 590100 Information security;
  • 710500 Internet technologies and management;

Legal focus is an important

focus in the entire educational process at the Higher IT School. Graduates will be able not only to protect their rights in the Internet environment, but also to settle relations related to the development, ownership, and sale of information technologies.

The task of the Higher IT School is to form an irreconcilable attitude towards crimes and offenses in the field of information technology among students, to educate in the spirit of strict observance of the law and respect for state symbols.