Monday, February 7th, 2022.

Information about the graduate school of Law

Graduate School of Law 

In order to train qualified personnel with strong theoretical and practical skills in basic educational programs in the field of legal activity, the Higher School of Law was established in 2021 by the decision of the Academic Council of the KSLA.

Currently, the Higher School of Law operates:

  • Department of Justice, Prosecution and Law Enforcement, where students can study in the following areas: 530500 Jurisprudence – by profile (Judicial activity, Prosecutorial activity, Criminal Investigator); 532200 Law enforcement activity – by profile (Administrative activity) and specialty 530002 Forensic examination – by profile (Forensic examinations);
  • Department of Private Law, where students can study in the direction 530500 Jurisprudence – on profiles (Advocacy and Justice, Tax and Customs Law, Civil Law, Legal Support for Business);
  • The College of Law carries out preparation of secondary vocational education of the basic level in the specialty 530300 Jurisprudence with the assignment of a graduate qualification – Lawyer.

In the future, graduates of the Higher School of Law will be able to work in various state and regional government bodies: courts, prosecution and investigation bodies, internal affairs bodies, customs and tax services, local governments, advocacy and notaries, in organizations and institutions of various forms of ownership (law firms, banks, industrial and trade enterprises, branches of companies, etc.).