15 years KSLA

Congratulation of KSLA Rector 

I sincerely congratulate you on a wonderful holiday - the 15th anniversary of our academy.
15 years is a long time in the life of the academy, but these are the years of fruitful work of our team, creation, development, which led to the fact that KSLA is today recognized as one of the best universities in the country. It is a leader in legal education, a center for basic scientific research and expertise, a flagship in training legal personnel. Our university is moving forward, developing international cooperation, introducing modern educational technologies.
Thanks to dedication, creative search, high professionalism, the ability to carefully preserve the traditions laid down, our team has always achieved success in implementing the most ambitious plans and ideas.
Congratulations on your anniversary, I wish you all good health, happiness, joy, goodness and well-being!

15 лет КГЮА