The Department of Postgraduate Courses, Doctoral Studies and Organization of the Scientific Activiti

Head of the departmentKochkarova Eristina Azret-Alievna

Contacts +996 (312) 39-19-92

Structure of the center: 

In accordance with the decision of the Academic Council (protocol  31from September 28, 2018), the structure of the department:

  • head of the department;
  • Chief Specialist;
  • 2 leading specialists

Purpose of creation: 

Organization of scientific activities in accordance with approved plans, programs and other organizational and regulatory documents.

Department tasks:

Within the framework of this goal, the Department is entrusted with the solution of the following main tasks:

  • ensuring the unity of educational and scientific processes of postgraduate and doctoral studies;
  • involvement of University students into scientific activity;
  • creation of conditions for carrying out scientific works by researchers from  the teaching staff of the University;
  • establishment and maintenance of scientific contacts of the University with scientific and scientific-educational institutions and organizations;
  • contributing to the growth of the University's prestige as a leading scientific, educational and  research center.

The activity of the department:


  • development of provisions, regulatory documents  regulating research activities at the University.


  • coordination of the activities of structural divisions for the implementation of research and scientific-methodological work;
  • coordination of the student s  scientific societies work.


  • preparation of reporting documentation on the implementation of research plans at the individual, departmental, university-wide levels;
  • analysis of indicators of the effectiveness of research work of the university;
  • scientific, methodological and organizational support of the research work of students (SRWS) of the University;
  • scientific, methodological and organizational support for the activities of the youth scientific self-government bodies (Council of young scientists, etc.) of the University;
  • implementation of organizational measures related to the preparation and conduct of scientific events, competitions within the University;
  • rendering assistance in cooperation with scientific departments of universities of the Kyrgyz Republic and foreign countries in order to exchange experience and conduct joint scientific research.


  • information support of teachers, students and staff about scientific events held in other universities of Kyrgyzstan and foreign countries;
  • maintaining a data bank on the research work of the departments of the University;
  • collection of information and preparation of analytical data on the profile of the Department.

Information about employes:

Kochkarova Eristina Azret-Alievna -  head of the department, Doctor of Law, Professor