Confucius class

The creation of the Confucius Class of KSLA was predetermined by the following circumstance: it was at the law academy that the specialization "Chinese law" was first opened, which provides training for lawyers with knowledge of the Chinese language and the basics of the legislation of Kyrgyzstan and China.

In 2006, at the Faculty of Law and Entrepreneurship, students were recruited for the specialization: "Chinese Law." In 2011, this specialization was transferred to the International Law Faculty.

This specialization trains lawyers with knowledge of the Chinese language and laws of the PRC and the Kyrgyz Republic to legally support, protect the rights and legitimate interests of persons engaged in entrepreneurial and other activities in China and Kyrgyzstan.

On February 15, 2011, with the support of the Confucius Institute of BSU at KSLA, the Chinese Language Class has been opened for the development of Chinese law. The official opening ceremony was attended by the Ambassador of China in Kyrgyz Republic, Mr. Wang Kaiwen, and embassy staff.

In September 2013, the Chinese Language Class received the official status of "Confucius Class" at KSLA. The official status ceremony was attended by Mr. Ke Hanmin, Deputy Prosecutor General of the Supreme People's Prosecutor's Office of China, and employees of the Chinese Embassy in Kyrgyz Republic.

Currently, the Confucius Class holds Chinese language courses by volunteers from Xinjiang University for students and teachers of the academy.

The Academy provides Chinese language courses for staff of the Prosecutor General's Office, Customs Service, Border Guard.

Every year, students of the specialization "Chinese law" take an active part in various competitions in the Chinese language: in the annual competition of oratory skills in the Chinese language, in the competition for knowledge of Chinese culture. In 2011, IFL student Tursunalieva J. won first place in the inter-university competition for the performance of Chinese song.

KSLA students annually pass the HSK Chinese language exams conducted by the Confucius Institute and show good results.

During the period of cooperation with partner universities from China, 5 students from KSLA completed a language internship at Chinese universities under a scholarship program: 3 - at Anshan Pedagogical University, 2 - at South China Pedagogical University, Guangzhou.

During this period, 5 students undergo a language internship under a scholarship program in the cities of Anshan and Liaocheng.

Through the Confucius Institute, teachers of the specialization "Chinese Law" annually take advanced training courses in China.