The following Chinese language and cultural education programs are implemented in the Confucius Class of KSLA:

Chinese language programs:

  • Chinese (base level) 汉语 ( 初级 )
  • Chinese (middle level) 汉语 ( 中级 )
  • Oral workshop on Chinese (initial level) 汉语口语强化班 (初级)
  • Oral workshop on Chinese (middle level) 汉语口语强化班 (中级) (classes conducted by native speakers)
  • Preparation for HSK exam (1,2,3 levels) (HSK 培训班: 1,2,3 级)
  • Imitating HSK tests with the subsequent analysis and the analysis of mistakes, the (HSK tasks 模拟考试与学生偏误分析 )

Programs on Chinese culture:

  • Calligraphy (书法)
  • Taijiquan (太极拳) - Chinese martial art

In addition to the usual teaching of Chinese and the popularization of knowledge about China, the Confucius Class of KSLA has the specific tasks of teaching the Chinese language to specialists in the field of jurisprudence and developing cooperation with universities and scientific institutions in China.

Specialized Chinese language courses

  • Chinese language courses for law enforcement agencies
  • Teacher courses